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I am an artist based in East Devon, the UK, having moved here in 2016 with my young family.  Before that, I travelled and lived abroad with my previous job, and spent many years in London.  Becoming an artist has happened very slowly and gained momentum in mid life, after attending workshops and classes when family and work demands permitted.

I am hugely inspired by the place that I can now call home.  I'm drawn to where the land meets the sea, to the 'semi-wilderness' of the Moors, and to the gentle countryside on my doorstep.  The Jurassic Coast and Dartmoor have led to a mild obsession with the shape and texture of rocks.  Trees continue to be a major source of inspiration. Certain trees hold a special significance, for example, a tree at a turning on a lane on a familiar 'lockdown' walk. I'm delighted to support "Word Forest", a charitable organisation that plants trees, by donating a third of any sales proceeds from the 'Trees' page of the website to the incredible work they do. 

I'm excited about my creative journey. I'm delighted to take commissions and looking forward to exploring new subjects and approaches.  

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